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On 4th August 1914, Britain entered one of the costliest conflicts in history - The First World War. It is estimated that the war claimed the lives of more than sixteen million people and involved over one hundred countries across the world.

The First World War had a lasting impact. There are only fifty three English and Welsh villages - known as 'Thankful Villages' - from which all those who saw service in the war, returned home alive. There are no Thankful Villages in Cheshire.

It is estimated that more than one thousand servicemen from the local area lost their lives in The First World War. Thirty-eight of these men were parishioners at St Alban's and are commemorated on a memorial in our church.

Over the coming months, to coincide with the centenary of The First World War, we will be sharing stories about the lives of the parishioners named on our memorial.

Did you know that amongst the St Alban's servicemen there is...
• the first Maxonian Great War serviceman to be buried in Macclesfield Cemetery?
• a man who had emigrated to Australia, where he enlisted?
• a soldier killed in action when serving in Iraq?
• a man who sailed back from the USA in order to enlist?
• a member of the St Alban's successful Gymnastic Club?
• an eighteen year old who died at the Battle of the Somme?
• a soldier recovered at home from wounds before returning to the Front, where he died?
• a man whose funeral brought Macclesfield to a standstill?

If you would like to share any information you have about someone named on our memorial, please email Ann,

We hope that the outcomes of this research will be published as a booklet later this year.

Please note, unless otherwise credited, all photographs on this website have been taken or created by Ann Dalzell.

This website honours the WWI casualities of St Alban's Catholic Church, Chester Road, Macclesfield

StAlban's WWII war dead