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Local Pastoral Area (LPA)

What is St Alban’s Pastoral Area?

St Alban’s Pastoral Area is comprises of six parishes (listed on the left) as a geographical area of the Shrewsbury Diocese which, since 2007, has been arranged into 26 Pastoral Areas.

How does this arrangement function?

Through a Pastoral Area Team, consisting of the Parish Priest and an elected representative from each parish, a deacon elected by his colleagues and a teacher and a catechist appointed by the Bishop.

What is the role of the LPA Team?

The role of each Pastoral Area Team is to support its constituent parishes in the changed and changing circumstances that they are facing now and will continue to face  in the future. In his initial address to Pastoral Area Teams in 2007 Bishop Brian’s hope was that they would work to create effective structures for co-operation on pastoral and catechetical matters and that each LPA would increasingly become a community of communities.

The Mission Statement of St Alban’s LPA is as follows:

If you would like to know more you can contact:

Anna Hughes - St Alban’s parish representative

through the Pigeonholes at the back of Church, via the Parish Council, or on 01625 614406,

Mass times around the Local Pastoral Area:


Saturday Vigil


St Alban, Macclesfield

Chester Road, SK11 8DJ – 01625 423446

6.30 pm


9.30 am


11.00 am

6.30 pm

St Edward, Macclesfield

London Road, SK11 7RL - 01625 423576

5.30 pm



10.30 am



St Gregory, Bollington

Wellington Road, SK10 5JR - 01625 572108

6.00 pm

8.30 am


10.30 am



St Mary, Congleton

West Road, CW12 4ES - 01260 273314

6.30 pm

8.35 am


10.30 am



St Paul, Poynton

Clumber Road, SK12 1NR - 01625 872606

6.30 pm


10.00 am


Sacred Heart, Whaley Bridge

Whaley Lane, SK23 7AG - 01663 732614

6.00 pm




11.00 am



(served from Whaley Bridge)

Mass held in Methodist Church, 70 Buxton Road, SK12 2EY



9.30 am




NB: At St Pius Alderley Edge (LPA6)

Stamford Road, SK9 7NS – 01625 582386

6.00 pm

8.30 am


10.00 am



St Alban's Pastoral Area Team members are committed to work together in a spirit of charity, understanding and sensitivity, sharing all resources to build, develop and support the wider community, in order to provide for the liturgical, sacramental, pastoral, spiritual and social needs of all people within the Local Pastoral Area.



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