St Alban’s Catholic Church


This website shares information about our Parish - who we are and what we do, our Parish Calendar, information about various groups, events and news about what is going at St Alban's and across the Parish. We hope you will enjoy exploring our website and finding out more about life in St Alban's Parish.

Through this website we aim to share our faith, develop our community and help each other grow spiritually. We have included a number of resources that you may find helpful in your prayer life.

We are very proud to have such a beautiful Pugin church. If you are interested in finding out more about our church building, click here.

You may be interested in keeping up to date with St Alban's Parish by following us on Twitter (@stalbanpaul) and Facebook (stalbanmacc).

God Bless,

St Alban's Parish


Father, pour out your Spirit

on the people of this parish

and grant us a new vision of your glory,

a new experience of your power,

a new faithfulness to your word

and a new consecration to your service,

that your love may grow amongst us

and your Kingdom come

Through Christ our Lord


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A very warm welcome to the St Alban's Parish website!

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